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HIDA Regular Management Training

The OVERSEAS HUMAN RESOURCES AND INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION [HIDA] Japan has announced the Regular Management Training Programs involve two types of training. One is “Technical Training” in which participants attend a “General Orientation Course” and move on to the individual technical training (commonly called “Specialized Technical Training”) for acquiring specific skills in host companies. The other is “Management Training” which is designed to acquire the management knowledge and skills on business management, production management, etc., necessary for managerial people in developing countries.

The strong points of these types of training include the fact that sharing common clear goals on training by both the sending companies and the host companies can lead to fruitful training results, and participants, in the process of learning Japanese technology and managerial skills, can observe how they are actually practiced with Japanese society and culture as the background.

Program outline, leaflet, and pre-training report forms for above course mentioned will be also available at the following website:

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